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CT Medical Equipment Accreditation

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Policy and Procedure Manual

CT Medical Equipment Compliance

Based upon which accreditation organization you have chosen and a profile of your company's products and services, Vianna Zimbel Consulting (VZC) will provide you with an affordable, accreditation-complaint policy and procedure manual which needs little to no editing on your part.
By having VZC produce your policy manual, you can have a customized company policy manual in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to write one on your own or purchase one from other companies.

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CT Medical Equipment Accreditation

Accreditation Preparation Consulting Package

CT Consulting Company

Medicare requires accreditation to participate. All Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetic and Orthotic (DMEPOS) suppliers must meet CMS Quality Standards to bill Medicare. Do You? Vianna Zimbel Consulting offers a complete package that includes an on site mock survey, action plan, policy manual, all required forms and training materials for all medical equipment accreditation organizations as well as CMS Quality Standards for DMEPOS. The process starts by contacting us to discuss your specific needs. If you need a policy manual you then provide us with a sample setup package of forms you already have in use for providing equipment and/or supplies. These forms will be reviewed for compliance with Medicare, Federal, and your accreditation-organization-of-choice requirements. If necessary, modifications or substitutions for these forms will be provided, and then all forms are integrated into your policy manual. A mock survey that is identical to an actual survey, with much coaching and feedback to staff is followed by a detailed report in check-list format that guides you through the preparations for inspection. We offer a straightforward all-inclusive guide for making accreditation as simple as possible.